Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Teen Day at Sunderland Ashram

A number of years ago, the idea of Teen Camp came into play, and this is where we got the inspiration for Teen Day — a day when the ashram would feel like our own, when we could strategize a schedule of what we felt like doing while at the same time learn new things and grow closer as a youth community! So on August 8th, the youth in the New England community, whether practicing in Sahaj Marg or not, met at the Sunderland Ashram for Teen Day. This was a daylong gathering with discussions and activities where we all came together and enjoyed each other’s company.
What makes these gatherings special is that all the teens help out with the planning and implementation because the initiative and urge comes from inside of us. We want to see our friends again and grow with them in our own spiritual journey. This day we have the opportunity to think and talk about things we might not in our daily life and all of us enjoy and look forward to every second of it!
The theme for the day was ‘Balance between Spirituality and Materialism’. The schedule consisted of icebreakers, discussions, audio and video, arts & crafts, satsangh, and a closing ceremony where we talked and planned for our next Teen Day.
We’ve all grown a lot since we first starting having Teen Days. Also the size of our group has grown and we always invite new faces to join us. As teens we are allowed to have discussions that can require a certain amount of maturity to dive into, and the outcome is always very beautiful.
Janani and Nina

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