Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Beavercreek Meditation Hall Inaugaration

Babuji’s birth anniversary celebration was a double delight for the Beavercreek Meditation Center, because we also inaugurated our new meditation hall extension. What a joy it was to hold a gathering in our own brand new space, after using a rented community center for the last two years! The new space comfortably held the 150 or so abhyasis who attended, with room to spare. Abhyasis came from many states, including Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Massachusetts. 

A small tent was set up outside with tables for meals. Food was served outside under a new overhang that was added as part of the extension. The tent was also used for some children’s activities, including a birthday party for Babuji and a youngster who shares his birthday, Ram Chandra. The children also enjoyed face painting and henna hand painting.

In the new hall a sacred silence was maintained throughout the gathering, as there was now ample space for socializing and for the bookstore activities just outside the doors in the old meditation space. 

Respected Shri Kamlesh Patel joined our gathering on the morning of April 30th, via Skype from Lucknow, and congratulated both the Beavercreek and Richmond, Virginia meditation centers on their new spaces. The Skype connection allowed the Beavercreek and Richmond abhyasis to greet each other and our Master. The sound and visual quality of the new audio-visual equipment was excellent, enabling everyone to clearly hear Kamlesh bhai.  

The gathering’s theme was ‘Purity Weaves Destiny’, based on a quotation from Babuji when, in 1982 he said, “This and that are gone now. There remains the purity alone in all His work, an environment that weaves the spiritual destiny of the persons with the Ultimate.” 

The Masters have given us several daily practices to help us bring about purity of heart, which were reviewed in depth during the program. 

Eight special guests joined us for lunch on Thursday, including Brian Jarvis, Mayor of Beavercreek, Vicki Giambrone and Deborah Wallace of the Beavercreek City Council, Dennis Evers, Beavercreek Chief of Police, and four contractors who helped build the addition. Gifts of artisanal chocolates were presented to them. Mayor Jarvis spoke briefly, saying that things are tense across the country these days, and there’s a need for services like meditation that contribute to peace. The visitors agreed to participate in a 10-minute heartfulness meditation experience that was quite refreshing.

In an email after the inauguration, Kamlesh bhai asked for a continuing dynamic and proactive approach to the local government bodies, saying, “We can make the difference for sure. Let one town be the example and let the entire USA watch the impact through simple meditations.”

The local television station did a report on the new meditation hall, featuring comments from Janmarie Connor and Mayor Jarvis about the contributions meditation can make to a community. 
The gathering itself was a gift not only to those who attended, but also to the broader community, since Master’s grace flows outward from the hearts of those who are meditating to infuse the surrounding community with blessings and light. 


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