Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lake Lopez Camping Weekend

Excitement and enthusiasm led us to the annual camping gathering at Lake Lopez. Blue jays, California quails, woodpeckers and deer families gave us a warm welcome for the 6 a.m. meditation! We had a program on Heartfulness and were all encouraged to share our experiences and suggestions for contributing to this program.
Meal preparations were an excellent team effort that gave us an opportunity to cook, serve and eat with love.
One evening, we were walked through the cleaning process, and were thrilled to have the experience that ‘every cell of the body is a temple of God’.
It was wonderful to gather around campfires with masala corn and marshmallows while contemplating, gazing at the fire, and listening to devotional songs.
The camp had some engaging activities for youth, which they whole-heartedly embraced. These included an ‘Awareness Through Movement’ exercise and a thought-provoking session on ‘balance’.
After several satsanghs and excerpts from Shri Kamlesh Patel’s talks, everyone felt that this bhandara was taking us to new levels. We especially took one suggestion to heart:
“When we practice, and hold on to that loving state inside, and work with that, when we touch something, when we look at someone, when we hear something, we must be transmitting the same love-filled condition. Try it consciously. When talking, try to transmit your love consciously.”
A mother bear and her cub visited us during our concluding satsangh, as if to bid good-bye!


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  3. The suggestion is worth following. Thank u 4 the love-filled article.