Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Spokane Washington 4th Annual Camp Adam Gathering

Between August 28th and 30th, abhyasis from the Northwest Region gathered at the beautiful campgrounds of brother Adam and sister Kathee in Spokane, Washington.
Several aspects of the Heartfulness movement were introduced during the gathering. The first satsangh began with a guided relaxation, which everyone appreciated as it gradually eased abhyasis into meditation. Morning rain then graced the gathering. Abhyasis had been encouraged to read the chapters ‘Realization’ and ‘Ways and Means’ from Reality at Dawnas a preparation for a discussion after the morning meditation.
After the noon meditation and a delicious lunch prepared by the Seattle abhyasis, regional coordinator brother Aravind, who had recently been to India, shared photos and anecdotes of his July travel with Shri Kamlesh Patel. He also introduced Heartfulness and the associated resources. After this, abhyasis who had conducted Heartfulness gatherings at their centers and work places shared their stories. Everyone was encouraged to be part of this Sahaj Marg movement.

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