Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Need to observe our thoughts

“What we think we become”. Our mind is a garden, which if unattended, goes into a frenzied mode of numerous thoughts leading to further thoughts, and finally creates a web of thoughts leading to desires, leading to attachments, leading to actions and then leading to further attachment.
During meditation we reach a calm and thoughtless state. From there it is our duty to be mindful of living simply, being in tune with Nature, aligning with our heart, being connected with our heart all the time and when in doubt referring to our heart. As we become subtler we need to observe more on a subtler level. Just as at the physical level, as we age, we need to significantly reduce our food intake, on the mental level we need to reduce the complications and complexities of our mind for our own sake and for everyone’s sake. Thought pollution suffocates other human beings.
How can we become more simple? By simplifying our thoughts? With proper strategic planning executed from the heart we can live efficiently and effectively, making space in our lives for the truly important things, like Sahaj Marg meditation. So pause, think strategically and then execute with heart!

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