Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Richmond Ashram Diary Writing

The Richmond Center held two, very beneficial one-day interactive workshops on diary writing presented by brother Rob, on August 22nd and 23rd. The workshops were attended by a total of forty-five abhyasis who learned the importance of diary writing, especially what and how to record in their diaries. Diary writing, as part of a spiritual practice is invaluable for developing sensitivity. The diary record should be read once a year to assess one’s growth.
Brother Rob shared his personal experience of the strategic and methodical way he tracks his diary and all aspects of his meditation practice. If all aspects of his practice are done as prescribed, including the prescribed length of time, then that day gets a circle; if only part of the practice is done then that information, too, gets marked on the date. At the end of the month he assesses his practice and usually finds his effort to be between 87 to 94 % of the ideal.
In this workshop, service and surrender were highlighted. All abhyasis were inspired with this workshop and reported they felt an immediate positive impact on their diary writing habit. This fun, interactive and inspirational workshop is recommended for all abhyasis.

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